For many of us, the plants we choose to have in our homes give them character and become cherished belongings too.

So, when it comes to moving, it can feel daunting to make sure they arrive at your new home in the same condition that they left. The best way to reduce damage during these big life transitions is to work with the right removal company that can package and transport them safely.

However, there are also some ways you can move your household plants safely yourself to give you many more years of appreciation. We’ll look at 3 of our top tips in this blog post today.

1. Prune Back Larger Plants

Yes, you might be incredibly proud of your towering plant that came to you as a seedling.

But, if there’s any time to prune back some larger leaves, it’s before you move. Do this at the same time as pinching back any new growth in the two weeks before you move. This offers a level of protection, making the plant smaller and reducing the risk of damage to the newer sections.

And, it will also help you to yield newer, healthier and better-looking plants once you’ve established them in your new home.

2. Protect Them

Just as you will pack your breakable ornaments in protective packaging, you should do the same to your household plants.

Visit your local nursery and purchase sleeves – paper tubes that slip around plants to keep them safe during movement. You may also want to consider repotting plants from ceramic pots into plastic ones to make them lighter and reduce the impact of shock.

However, avoid moving the plants too frequently as this could negatively impact their health.

3. Expect Deterioration

Houseplants get used to their steady environment. They’ve likely thrived over the years because they have acclimated to the available light levels and temperatures.

Once you’ve moved, they’ll need to do this again and this can cause some browning or leaf drops. Do your research and make sure you’ve positioned your houseplants in the optimal position.

And then, simply continue to look after them as you always have. It shouldn’t take long until they return to their healthy selves again.

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