According to statistics, moving home is one of the most stressful things we can do in a lifetime. Packing up all the belongings we’ve accumulated over the years, making sure not to leave anything behind and then transporting them to a new location can be enough to send us into a frenzy. While good organisation and pre-planning are highly effective ways to minimise these stressors, it also pays to invest in professional help to streamline the entire process. If you’re working to a budget, you may be wondering whether you really need a full removal service. Let’s look into this here today.

Is a Full Removal Service Necessary?

Not every house mover will require the support that a removal service offers. For example, if you’re a single occupant moving into a one or two-bedroom flat, packing up your belongings may take no time at all. You may have a family member who can lend you their car or van, and you may be able to move all of your possessions in one go. Or, maybe you’re working to a very strict budget and would rather absorb these responsibilities yourself. With proper planning and support, both of these options are entirely viable.

However, if you’re moving to a bigger house, moving with a larger family or simply looking for a way to significantly reduce stress around your busy life, there are a host of reasons why a full removal service may benefit you.

Saves You Money

This may seem counterintuitive – you’re hiring a company, rather than doing the job yourself, so how can this be saving you money? However, consider that a full removal service will likely include everything you need from packing, van hire and insurance costs too. You also significantly reduce the chance of breakages with your goods and can rest easy knowing that your single payment will cover the entire move in one go – rather than paying for each level of support individually.

Reduces Stress

We said it above – moving house is stressful. And hiring an experienced and professional removal company will help to reduce this significantly. You won’t have to think about how many boxes to buy or whether that large wardrobe is going to make it to the new house. The professional movers will have to wrap fragile items, safely transport large items of furniture and ensure your goods reach the new place in pristine condition.

Reduced Disruption

In an ideal world, you’d step out of your old house and into your new one, fully set up with all your possessions ready to be unpacked. This is what a removal service provides. You can significantly reduce the disruption made to your life (albeit amidst the disruption of physically moving) by enlisting the support of individuals to pack, transport and unload your goods too.

So, do you need a full removal service? Not always but it certainly helps to make the entire process less stressful, more streamlined and – dare we say it – more enjoyable? If you’re considering the support of professional movers, consider getting in contact with the team here at Wild & Lye Removals who have over 30 years of experience.