Moving home is equal parts exciting and terrifying. Having the opportunity to create your own space – whether that’s with friends, family or on your own – gives you a whole new sense of freedom.

Regardless of whether you’re sizing up, sizing down or simply finding a new location, there are many things to consider. Working with a professional removal company is one way to ensure the entire process goes as smoothly as possible. But, we also understand that many people prefer to organise a big move on their own for many different reasons.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about moving by yourself to make sure you don’t miss anything off the list.

Why Move Home Without a Removal Company?

It will act as no surprise that we highly recommend that everyone moving home works with a professional house removals and storage solutions company. However, there are many reasons why people may choose not to.

  • You don’t have the additional budget to accommodate the costs.
  • You’re moving at very short notice and cannot find a company with availability.
  • You’re moving further afield than a company can accommodate.
  • Your move is too complicated and you prefer to manage it by yourself.

Moving home by yourself is entirely possible and is the preferred method for many people. All you need is a comprehensive checklist to make sure you cover all grounds and the support of those around you.

Our Top Tips for Moving by Yourself

With over 30 years of experience, we have helped hundreds of families and individuals move home smoothly. And, this has given us a wealth of knowledge to help guide you. Here are our top tips for moving home by yourself.

  1. Stay Organised Early On

Moving home is a mammoth task. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re moving from a one-room flat or a five-bedroom house. The task of packing up all of your belongings, loading them safely onto a van and then distributing them around your new home takes time and a lot of organisation. You need to make sure you’re on top of it from early on.

Start by decluttering a few months in advance – there’s no point taking up valuable van space with goods you don’t want. Then, make a note of all of your items in each room and begin thinking about how you’re going to package them and get them to the end destination.

It might seem premature but it helps to consider whether your favourite armchair will have its own nook in the new place or whether you’ll need to change its location now. That way, you’ll eliminate some degree of stress once you’re in.

  1. Create a Detailed List and Inventory

Taking note of every single possession in your home can seem like a long, daunting and impossible task. But it’s the best way to make sure everything you currently have arrives at the new house safely. You need to know exactly what you’re transporting and what room it needs to go into.

Create a detailed list for every single room – like an inventory that you would normally give to a professional removal company. This way, once you’re in the new place, you’ll be able to tick off each item individually and ensure nothing has been lost in transit.

These lists can be in any format that works for you. Some people like to scribble them down in a notebook while others itemise everything in a spreadsheet for quick review. Whichever way you decide, make sure it works for you!

  1. Label Everything

You’ll likely be moving a lot of stuff and the easiest way to know what is in each box when you arrive is to use labels.

Yes – this might seem common knowledge but, if you’re doing the move on your own, you want to be even more stringent with your labels. For example, if you’re looking to move houseplants, label each pot with the room they need to go into when you arrive.

  1. Enlist the Support of Friends and Family

Moving home is one of those times when you need as much support as possible. If it’s not feasible or not in your plans to work with a professional removal company, enlist the support of family and friends. You’ll need people to help you pack up all your belongings and make sure they’re labelled and packed into the removal van appropriately.

Consider throwing a ‘pack with me’ party or gift each person who helps with one of your family-renowned bakes. However it works, asking friends and family to help will take some level of pressure off of you.

  1. Hire a Van/Moving Vehicle

If you’re a single person moving home, you may be able to do so in the boot of your car. Even if you’re a couple, a few car trips to the new place may be the only transport you need.

But if you’re moving far away or live in a larger property, we advise hiring a van or lorry. Check your driving license and insurance first to make sure you’re covered and then begin your research. You’ll want to make sure you get a fixed quote for the entire move to ensure it’s within budget and check how long you’ll have the van hired out for on the day.

You will also want to check – especially if you hire a ‘man-with-a-van’, that they have the right insurance and whether or not they’ll check the condition of your possessions. In some instances, you’ll need a specialist removal service to move items including pianos. Make sure you research whether the vehicle you’re hiring is suitable for the purpose.

  1. Consider Storage

Downsizing or simply moving to a new home can be an opportunity to get a new, fresh start. If, after you’ve decluttered, you find items that you want to keep but can’t find a home for, consider long-term storage. There are many locked and patrolled storage units up and down the country that provide a space to store your goods for a monthly or annual fee.

Here at Wild & Lye Removals, we’re here to help you make the entire moving process as smooth and straightforward as possible. While we entirely support those who want to move by themselves, we’re also confident that our team can help make this entire experience stress free. If you’re intrigued and would like to get a free quote, please do get in contact with us here today.