Keeping your home organised is quintessential to ensure cleanliness and tidiness. From appropriate storage of cleaning products to finding innovative ways to store larger items, organising your home can seem daunting. In this case, it is important to discover new ways to store items around your home.

When it comes to storage solutions, there are many bespoke options available along with many gadgets across the market in order to maximise storage and take advantage of the free space. However, these storage solutions aren’t always cost-effective, leaving a hole in your pocket. 

With this in mind, we have put together a guide to clever DIY storage ideas that you can use throughout your home to benefit from a neat and organised living space at a fraction of the cost. Meaning you can benefit from an organised haven without your bank balance taking the brunt. 

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It is likely that we all have some old bits and pieces lying around the house or in the garage that could probably be put to use in some way. Perhaps those jars you are hanging onto for  rainy day could come in useful? Or those wooden crates in the garage could use a makeover. 

Why not pull them out and make some use of them? Upcycling is a cost-effective way to take the old and make it new. There are many ways you can make use of preloved items and upcycle them into some fantastic new storage items. 

Empty Jars 

Jars are a great way to store different items across the house, for example, office supplies, liquids, dry foods and detergents. No matter what you are planning to store, decanting items into jars saves space from cumbersome and awkward packing. Jars can provide a sleek and stylish way to effectively store your goods neatly. 

Moreover, jars are a brilliant way to make your storage solutions aesthetically pleasing. In order to keep your items in jars organised, or in the case of food, fresh, you can take advantage of labelling each jar. As well as looking good, upcycled jars are a great way to improve your sustainability by saving them from going to the landfill and failing to be recycled. 

Empty Crates 

Empty crates, whether they are wooden or plastic can provide a rustic look to your home aesthetic whilst keeping items tidy and organised inside. By taking your crates and upcycling them with some paint or just a good clean, you can use them to store items in a streamlined way either on shelves, in cupboards or by stacking them. 

Depending on the size of the crates you have available, they could also make a great garage or shed storage to store away tools, gardening materials, or general items. By making use of these fantastic storage aids, you can benefit from storing larger volumes of items in one place for easy access in the future. 

Shoe Boxes 

It is likely that you could be hanging on to one or two empty shoe boxes, if so, they could be used as a savvy way to store bits and pieces around your house. Particularly useful as a storage method for children and young people, shoe boxes could be decorated and repurposed to create attractive storage boxes for small items such as makeup, small toys, or even socks and small garments. Afterward, your upcycled shoe boxes can be neatly stacked in an empty corner or a cupboard or wardrobe. 

Wall Mounting 

Wall mounting is a stylish way to mount larger items in your home where you may not have the floor space to do so. This can include items such as bikes, sports equipment, tools and even cleaning aids. Using up free wall space allows you to safely store items in a way that looks minimalist and clean. 

In order to mount something safely on a wall, you may have to purchase a wall mount. Wall mounts and brackets some in a range of styles and sizes so you can shop around to find one that meets your needs and home interior. In some cases, homeowners may opt for an ‘invisible’ wall mounting bracket that offers an effect of floating, creating an attractive interior feature in the process. 

Making Use of Cupboard Space 

Cupboards are common storage aids that provide more space in our home to discreetly store personal items and belongings. However, the way you store things inside your cupboards determines how much space you can get out of them for storage of more items. Therefore, it is important to consider how you store things inside of them. Some effective ways use cupboard space include: 

  • Baskets and boxes- using baskets, boxes, and storage trays is a great way to neatly store items in your cupboards such as bottles, tins and jars.
  • Extra shelving- it may be possible to increase or decrease the number of shelves you have in your cupboards to accommodate for more items of different sizes. 
  • Lazy Susan- A lazy Susan is an innovative way to store items in your cupboard on a rotating device creating both space and ease of access. 

Cupboard doors 

As well as the space inside the cupboard, the cupboard door makes an ideal space for hanging and storing items such as cloths, oven gloves, and other small items. You can take advantage of the extra space by installing small hooks or pegs to hang items off neatly. 

Peg Boards 

Pegboard is an easy-to-install storage solution that fits neatly to a vertical flat surface to provide space to hang items using pegs. This works particularly well in areas where items are slightly larger and take up too much space in cupboards. For example, pots and pans, cooking utensils, garden and work tools, or even some types of clothing. 

Pegboard makes good use of vacant wall space to provide minimal and stylish additional storage. Whether you plan to fit it in the kitchen, garage, or in a spare room, installing pegboard makes the ideal canvas for wall storage.

Under Bed Storage 

It can be difficult to find enough space in your bedroom to effectively store things. Unless you are fortunate enough to have access to built-in storage cupboards, you may have to purchase wardrobes and drawers to increase storage space. Even then, you may not have enough storage space. 

This is where under-the-bed storage comes in handy. More often than not, your bed acts as a wonderful place to store items that are not currently in use. Whether you have an ottoman-style bed or not, you can take advantage of the space underneath by organsing items neatly in storage bags, boxes, or suitcases. 

In Summary 

Where additional storage is required, there are many easily accessible do-it-yourself storage methods to suit the needs of every homeowner. Whether you want to do your bit for the environment and upcycle some old items or make use of vacant wall space and display some of your prized possessions, there’s a storage solution to suit you. 

In the process of creating your very own innovative storage solutions, you can do your bit for the pure strings by saving money on fancy gadgets and bespoke storage and crafting your own ways to safely and neatly store away items in your home. 

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