51% of men and 62% of women think that moving house is the most stressful life event. These high figures are shocking but will not be surprising to many, as we have all likely experienced a negative experience when transitioning to a new property.

At Wild & Lye, we firmly believe that the stresses traditionally associated with house removals can be eliminated if you adopt a mindful approach. Mindfulness as an activity has the power to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, making it a brilliant coping method when you decide it’s time to make the big move. If you want to receive some tips for a successful house, which can be unlocked by taking a holistic and mindfulness approach, keep reading.

What Is Mindfulness?

We all have the skills to adopt being mindful, but it is easier for some than others. It’s also a skill that becomes easier over time, with the saying ‘practice makes perfect’ ringing true for this psychological method of coping with change.

Mindfulness can be defined as the ability to be fully present and aware of what is happening. When moving house, this is important as there is always so much going on. However, the entire process is made much easier to deal with by breaking down the tasks into manageable chunks. This also means that both planned and unpredicted events do not throw a spanner in the works leaving you to simply enjoy the process of securing a new home.

How Does Moving House Affect You Emotionally?

The first step in taking a mindful approach to a situation is understanding what you are trying to combat. Although moving house is often an exciting experience full of new beginnings and fresh opportunities, it is a big upheaval for someone. This means it can leave you with a whirlpool of emotions rushing around your head (and heart).

Negative emotions can be derived from the extreme change that a solo person or family is about to go through. Moving requires not only logistics to be sorted but also emotions to be balanced as people get used to being in a new location. The impact of leaving behind the familiar affects everyone differently and can make a situation extremely stressful for those who do not cope well with change.

Although a slew of tough emotions can rise, so can positive ones. Moving can be seen as a positive and impressive life change that should be celebrated, whether renting or buying a home. All these emotional factors demonstrate a mixed bag of factors for people to deal with that mindfulness has the power to balance out.

What Are Some Methods You Can Adopt to Maintain Mindfulness Whilst Moving House?

Now, onto the reason you clicked on this article: the actual methods you can adopt to use mindfulness as a coping strategy when moving house. Each of the following methods requires someone to be mindful and in the moment, which is made possible by the activity that the recommendation offers.

  • Creating a plan for all stages of the move is essential as this allows you to understand at what points you need to be present. This can be broken down into stages, such as pre-, during and post. This can be a practical strategy for stress-free house removal as it involves creating a timeline for expected events. Furthermore, by sharing this plan with everyone taking part in the move, mindfulness can be achieved through a shared understanding of what should be happening.
  • Another way to take a mindful approach to a move is to be realistic with what items you need to transport. Even when using expert packing tips for a house removal, the task can become huge if you have many items to transport. Therefore, it is a good idea to reduce clutter and assess what possessions will be needed once you arrive at the new property.
  • Being present can be tough when moving house, as you are usually required to be in many places at once. However, by assigning times for certain tasks, stress can be reduced. Unpacking is a great example of this. If you spend one length of time packing an area instead of trying to do multiple rooms at once, your home will come together more quickly.
  • A mindful approach also ensures that emotional factors, such as the sense of belonging, are being cared for. It’s a good idea to take some time to explore your new area before moving to start to build a connection. This will make the move less overwhelming as you already have an initial sense of familiarity.
  • If moving with pets or children, you should also make a clear plan for the removal day to ensure that essential items are not boxed up until the last minute. This will also allow you to focus on the task as everyone is entertained when needed.

What Are the Benefits of Taking a Mindful Approach to Moving House?

One of our top tips for moving house is always to take a mindful approach as it not only makes the process of moving easier, but also the settling in period. The benefits of choosing this as coping method are as follows:

More Clarity to Approach Issues Positively

Whether you are looking for a moving hack to save money or just want to eliminate the chance of panicking if things don’t go as planned, mindfulness can improve issue management. It’s simple to approach situations in a way that will produce a better final outcome by keeping your mind clearer and focusing on one issue at a time.

Build a Connection With Your New Home Faster

Mindfulness unlocks the ability to build a connection with a new property quicker, unlocking a whole new range of benefits. The tasks associated with moving house don’t just end when you have the keys, and the boxes are all in place. The reality is that it can take a few months to get completely settled. If you adopt a mindful approach to moving, you can start to build an emotional link even when you may be busy with other tasks. This will mean you are happier in the long run.

You Will Make a Better First Impression With New Neighbours

An important part of moving house is social connections with new people. If you are mindful from day one, you will make a better impression which is not shrouded with a cloud of negativity. People understand that moving is stressful, but if you start by complaining or not being polite towards your new neighbours, a sour taste could last long beyond the final boxes being recycled.

How Can Choosing a Professional Removals Service Improve a Mindful Approach to Moving House?

Choosing a removal company to support the entire process is a brilliant way of ensuring mindfulness. Not only will you have access to a team of professionals who do this day in and out, but they will be able to help you make a realistic plan. Additionally, they can ensure the move runs smoothly, making maintaining a mindful approach easier.

How Can Wild & Lye Eliminate the Stress From Moving?

As professional house removal experts, we understand how stressful moving a house can be. That is why we offer a hands-on approach to managing the task, allowing you to focus on one task at a time. From small apartments to large family homes, we have proven experience in making moves simple. We also offer extensive advice on moving your house plants to storage solutions, proving the level of care and attention we apply to every service.

Contact us today to request a quote and ask any of the questions that may be burning about how to manage a house move in the best way. Our team will help with their own mindful approach to removals, ensuring a positive experience.